About Simplicity
Simplicity started as a way to help smaller companies and organizations. After years of working for or with smaller companies, helping build their brand identity or just a simple update to some graphic work. Christopher Brewer, the one man Studio, started working on his own. 
Simplicity's primary goal is to continue helping smaller business with their goals, helping them show their best self. Providing clients with simple designs that fit the client's needs.
Simplicity's primary focus is branding. With serval hugely successful projects, Christopher loves to help provide a face and fitting personality to the companies. If you are starting a company or organization or thinking of giving your company a facelift talk to Simplicity and see what we can do for you.

About Christopher
Christopher Brewer is a designer across many fields. Having a degree in both Graphic and Industrial, he has a vast range of skills. His career in teaching at a local community college, helped new students fall in love with graphic design. He has worked at small and large firms creating imagery for both print and web content. 
He has volunteered for years with a non-profit in Knoxville, growing the organization in many ways, communication, organizations, marketing, merchandise. His efforts paid off, bringing in 13k more people than 22K in 2017 Pridefest, bringing 2018 attendance to 35K. His marketing campaign for 2018 was the cause of the rise of 10K in attendance, surprising the other organization leaders. Through his volunteering efforts, he has worked with companies like Hard Rock Cafe and Andrew Christian. His volunteering over the past years has grown into the hours of a full-time employee. His is proud to list Knox Pride as a career on his resume.
Lotus Apps
"As the owner of a small web design and development agency, I appreciated Chris' enthusiasm, talent, and dedication to everything we do. Chris was able to brand our company and provide a clear identity for use in our marketing materials, create and implement a marketing plan - all in addition to working on billable client work for web and print design projects.I highly recommend Chris - he may not have the years of experience on paper, but with a varied background in graphic and industrial design, experience at creative agencies, and more, he's a well rounded addition to a team beyond his years."
Matthew Millsaps-Brewer, Owner
Hotel Knoxville
"We were looking for a new logo with a contemporary touch for our transition from a Marriott to a Delta Hotels by Marriott. Chris grasped our needs and produced a stunning design. When feedback or new formats of the logo were needed, he made it happen very quickly. We really appreciated Chris’s flexibility and efficiency. It’s great to work with someone so prompt, talented, and responsive. Thank you!"
Avery Hicks, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator
Holistic Bodies
"Coming soon"
Tony Stewart, Owner
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